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The Tahoma Clinic, under the direction of Jonathan V. Wright, MD, ND, is one of the leading Holistic Medicine and Wellness centers in the Northwest.

Holistic Medicine approaches the individual and his or her ailments and goals for optimal health from all aspects, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; with the utilization of all valid forms of healing disciplines to facilitate the optimization of health, balance and well being, always tailored to each individual’s needs and intentions.

At the Tahoma Clinic in Redmond, Washington, the proven therapies of Dr. Jonathan V. Wright are employed with the added benefit of Redmond's Clinic Director Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat’s 20 years of experience and expertise in general surgery and holistic medicine. A comprehensive approach to the optimization of health and well being is made available through the utilization of diverse diagnostic and therapeutic modalities to benefit each individual.

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